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We believe that the power of love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the energy that drives our very existence, and the single most important experience we can have - the only experience that is capable of involving us deeply and completely on all levels.


As a close-knit family, we have had the blessing to walk this healing path together, to dig deep into our familial ancestral traumas and intergenerational wounds, both conscious and unconscious, to forgive, and to heal. Immersion in the jungles of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia - "El Corazon del Mundo" - the heart of the world, provides the magical back drop to travel this transformational path, opening our hearts to become our most authentic wholesome selves, and remember that love is where we come from. 


Guiding you on a profound spiritual journey through our Calling in Love Sacred Ceremonies, musical concerts/sound baths, plant medicine ceremonies, signature Calling in Love workshops, ancient rituals, and modern healing modalities, your soul opens to new insights of self discovery, release of antiquated patterns, expanded consciousness, and greater self-love.


All of these soul transformative experiences we offer to you on our retreats changed the course of our lives, and deepened our relationship as a family on so many levels.  It was from the overflow of this bounty that the Calling in Love Retreats were birthed. 

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Leslie-Esther Russell MA

Founder & Spiritual Director

Integration Facilitator


Leslie-Esther, is a mother of five, grandmother, cosmic mother to many beloved souls, spiritual intuitive coach, energy healer, international trainer/educator, and published author. She has traveled the globe supporting individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses to align with their highest potential.

As our matriarch and guiding force, she brings her nurturing love, wisdom, and spiritual insights to the heart of our retreats. With her authentic presence and compassionate guidance, she holds space for each participant's journey, providing a safe environment for  growth and transformation.

Calling In Love About Leslie Esther Russell

Yehudah Russell

Co-Founder & Producer


Medicine Guide

IG: lionchildofficial


Yehudah, a gifted musician, weaves enchanting melodies that touch the deepest recesses of the soul, creating a joyful atmosphere where hearts can open and spirits can soar. Through his music, he sets the stage for profound experiences and connects us to the universal language of love. 

Yehudah shares his love of people, music, plant medicines, and ancient wisdoms as tools for deepening compassion, healing, and remembering what we came here for.

Malka Russell



Sound Healer

IG: malkhenna

Malka is a sound artist who synthesizes vibrational frequency and soulful sound, drawing listeners back to the truth of their heart. Her sound journeys are an immersive listening experience, where she uses her natural voice as a channel, and healing vibration from various instruments, to bathe listeners in the magic & power of sound.  

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Calling in Love is not just our business; it is our shared passion, our purpose, and our way of contributing to a world deeply in need of love and compassion. As you embark on this sacred journey with us, know that you are welcomed into our family, embraced by our love, and supported on every step of your transformational path.

Together, let us walk hand in hand, as a global family, and create a world where love is the guiding force, where souls find solace, and hearts come alive.


With open hearts and boundless love,
The Calling in Love Family

"Calling in Love was created from love, imbued with love in every aspect of the retreat, and sent me home with more love permeating my being—love, forgiveness, and gentleness toward both myself and other people. The Russell family draws in good souls who are searching for greater meaning and the program they created provides a safe, daring, enriching and joyful platform for that inner journey."

— Stephanie, USA

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